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GEIA Hot Solder Dip Specification

The G-12 Committee of the Government Electronics and Information Technology Association (GEIA) has agreed to Six Sigma’s proposal to form a Hot Solder Dip (HSD) Task Group. Brian McMullen of Lockheed Martin has been selected as the chairman. This task group will create an industry-wide hot solder dip specification, which will standardize the requirements and provide guidance for the proper implementation of a hot solder dip process.

Hot solder dipping of component leads is currently one of the strategies being used for the mitigation of tin whiskers, produced by using pure tin plating. Solder dipping of tin-finished terminations using tin-lead solder minimizes tin whisker formation by replacing tin with an alloy of tin-lead. The addition of lead substantially reduces the propensity for whisker formation.

Although not as effective as tin-lead, hot solder dipping of pure-tin finished leads with lead-free alloys, such as tin-silver-copper (SAC), will also reduce whisker formation. It is very important to confirm that the components can withstand the higher temperatures required for lead-free solder dip and assembly.

We are inviting all interested parties to join this GEIA task group and help in establishing a Hot Solder Dip (HSD) specification. The first meeting of the HSD Task Group will be held in Columbus, Ohio on September 19, 2005. For details, visit the GEIA G-12 website.

For more information:
Call: 408-956-0100

Six Sigma is actively involved in hot solder dipping components for military and aerospace customers. Six Sigma, with its history of providing services for the semiconductor industry for over 15 years, has proven to be the leader in the field of hot solder dip, BGA reballing and column attach services. During this time Six Sigma has processed over 20 million components for high reliability applications.

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