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Column Grid Array: The Solution to BGA Reliability Problems


Column Grid Array: The Solution to BGA Reliability Problems

Area array packaging technology has taken the electronics industry by storm. Ball Grid Array (BGA) components provide a huge increase in available interconnects without the troubles associated with bent leads. However, these wonderful new components bring with them serious issues related to board-level reliability at extreme temperatures as seen in industrial, military, and space environments. Column Grid Array (CGA) is the solution to these problems.

In this year’s Military, Aerospace, Space, and Homeland Security (MASH): Packaging Issues & Applications Workshop, Six Sigma presented a paper on the conversion of BGA components to CGA. In the paper, data was presented which demonstrates the considerable reliability improvements when using solder columns. In addition, the significant advantages of the reinforced solder columns were also presented.

For the full text of the MASH 2005 Technical paper:
Converting Ball Grid Array Components to Column Grid Array

For more information on CGA:
Call: 408-956-0100

Six Sigma is actively involved in BGA to CGA conversions for high-reliability applications. Six Sigma, with its history of providing services for the semiconductor industry for over 15 years, has proven to be the leader in the field of hot solder dip, BGA reballing and column attach services.

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