Dale Albright
Sales and Marketing Manager

SIX SIGMA Celebrates 15 Years in Business
and 20 Million components processed.

Milpitas, CA - June 7, 2005 – SIX SIGMA, a leading provider of column attach, robotic solder dip, BGA reballing, and failure analysis services for the electronic component packaging industry, announced today that it is celebrating 15 years of business this year in which it has serviced over 20 million components. “May marks two significant milestones for Six Sigma.  Without our customers’ continued support, we could not have met these milestones, “ remarked Six Sigma’s president, Russ Winslow.  “We thank our customers for helping make Six Sigma an industry leader in robotic solder dip, column attach, and BGA reballing, services.

SIX SIGMA began operations in 1990 providing robotic hot solder dipping (lead finish) services and related testing for the semiconductor and printed circuit board industries. Today, SIX SIGMA’s services include solder column attach, BGA ball attach, and BGA reballing services. Components processed by SIX SIGMA are in applications that vary from the most sophisticated missile guidance systems, to the engine controllers in commercial airlines, to automobile passive restraint systems. Today, SIX SIGMA is a recognized leader in semiconductor lead finish - processing millions of high-reliability semiconductor components each year.

In addition to recently achieving DSCC commercial laboratory suitability status for hermitic testing, SIX SIGMA continues to provide it’s customers new services that meet changing demands. Two new services are now available from SIX SIGMA. is our internet based ordering and reporting system for solderability tests. Additionally to meet the market driven demand for lead-free components in commercial products and tin whisker mitigation in high reliability applications, Six Sigma offers component lead finish conversion services to meet industry demand to convert component package interconnect from tin/lead alloy to lead-free alloy and visa-versa.

Six Sigma’s multi-million dollar custom-designed facility is located in the heart of the fast-paced, cutting-edge Silicon Valley. “Our owner-occupied 24,000 square foot facility insures a permanent presence in which to service our customers and remain on the cutting edge of technology”, stated Six Sigma’s president, Russ Winslow. “We thank each of our customers for their continued support and we pledge to provide state of the art services at the highest levels of quality and customer service.”

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