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Checklist for customers before
sending parts to SIX SIGMA:

  1. Do not remove residual solder from the component.
    • SIX SIGMA will “deball” the components in-house. If done improperly, the deballing process can cause irreparable damage, making the pads unsolderable.
  2. Avoid "popcorn" cracking and delamination caused by trapped moisture.
    • Always be sure to give the board an appropriate moisture bake-out before removing the BGA component.
  3. Prevent thermal and mechanical stresses during board removal. Large thermal gradients across components can cause cracking.
    • Preheat the board before attempting to remove components (typical preheat temperature is approximately 150 °C).
    • Use a slow temperature ramp (2-3 °C/second) in the removal heating profile, and NEVER let the peak temperature exceed 220 °C (Sn-Pb) or 250 °C (Pb-free).
  4. Always use appropriate packaging.
    • Make sure that components are packaged tightly, and stacked in the proper trays. If appropriate trays are not available, ESD safe bags, foam, or bubble wrap may be used. Sometimes, parts that have a lot of excess solder on them do not properly fit in trays, and need "looser" packaging to prevent damage.
  5. Send a mechanical drawing of the part.
    • BGA manufacturers all have different standards. This helps us assure that your part conforms to the proper specifications when it leaves SIX SIGMA.

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